In their mind, they probably believe that they are doing you a Naruto the way I wash my hands shirt. They are sparing you the pain of the truth, therefore they really don’t care if they get caught. You are the idiot that exposed them. Reversed reverse psychology. The lies can compound to the point where you are being pushed into a disassociative state. By changing the rules all the time, you begin to question the very nature of existence. My clone would have all the same memories as me, the same thoughts, and the same physical prowess. In that case, all my strengths and weaknesses would be exactly the same. If I were to try to exploit my own weaknesses, so would my clone. Because of this, we would never be able t defeat the other without a completely unbiased turn of events outside of either of our control. Like, say, a satellite falls from space and crushes my clone.

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For example, Sweden recommended closing sports or outdoor activity venues, like ski resorts. Not a law, a recommendation. So the Swedish people closed those. By themselves. Australia had the same recommendation, our example would be beached. In response to this recommendation, nothing happened, and thousands of people went to the beach. So, as a result, we had to order councils to close beaches, and order people to stay home. Some people still went and got fined or even arrested. Some countries, like Sweden, recommend stuff and people follow that. Other countries like Australia can recommend as much as they want, nobody cares unless it’s a law, and even then they’re reluctant.



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