I thought that maybe if I turned her to the Justin Spencer and Roy Dynamic Duo shirt. For the love of Ganesha, I was praying that she’d stop, but nope, she went right back to work on her vaginal area, while staring at my crotch. I faithfully did my duty, as I was instructed. I tried to hide behind one of the bars on the bed rail, but they’re just wasn’t any position I could put myself in that would hide my bathing suit area. When done, I tried to not make eye contact with her daughter after I repositioned her after the procedure, and hurried out the door. I’d never been that nonplussed before, and I’m not sure I’ve ever been after. I didn’t even know how to talk to women my own age, and I was still a virgin at the time something I never would have admitted back then.

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A masturbating 85-year-old woman was way over the Justin Spencer and Roy Dynamic Duo shirt, but what are you gonna do. She was an elderly confused lady. At least I hoped she was confused. She sure looked like she knew what she was doing though. I went back to my shift supervisor right afterward and told her what had just happened to me. I was expecting a sympathetic ear. That was not what I got. She, as I would do now, just about spit out her coffee laughing. I sure know that I wasn’t amused, so she certainly wasn’t laughing with me. I can only imagine what I would do now.



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