Compared to Hugsy stay home and watch friends shirt. The complete opposite of me in personality and character, But we shared so many things in our taste and likes. I was studying photography and she became my number one subject. I did very little else really. I was in the darkroom for hours each day anyway. The rest of the time I was chasing women. I made some time to eat and sleep but I don’t have any memory of those activities from that time. So, I took thousands of photos of her and printed a few. I took a lot of time to print her photos. Some she saw others she didn’t. I wanted to get her undressed real bad. I toyed with the idea of doing a few nudes. I did not really do nudes.

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There were a couple of women on the Hugsy stay home and watch friends shirt and all they did were nudes of women. That used to put me off. In any case, those who have taken nudes seriously will know that they are really hard to do. The line between smutty and classy is so thin. But the reason I did not ask her to pose nude is that I had not actually had with her. It would look too obvious and she would sense it straight away. The other reason I didn’t want to do nudes of her was that I didn’t want to ruin my first time with her.



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