Sometime during the Houston Astros keep distance shirt, I was across the country from my parents. My Dad, who had his own business, hired this guy named Randy. My brother worked at my dad’s business since he was in high school. Dad always talked about the future and how my brother would one day be running the business. As my situation changed, I moved back to my hometown. I began to observe Randy and his relationship with my father. I was disgusted at how Randy sucked up to my dad. I was even more disgusted that my Dad didn’t see Randy for the snake he was. Nothing I could say would change my Dad’s mind. Nothing! Believe me, I tried.

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That Friday evening my dad had plans to Houston Astros keep distance shirt to my house where my mother was visiting. I got married in 1990 and moved to a neighboring state. My mom had come for a visit and to take care of me after I had minor foot surgery. Friday was the day Dad was going to pick up mom and fly home. It is not surprising that I sensed the doom Randy would create. It had to be really intense for my sister and mom to pick up on it as well. I have never met another person that I despised like I did Randy. If I ever do, I will get myself and my family away from them as far as I can. I went to the bathroom and finished. I know she heard me finish because I made sure to slap my meat then grunt when I came.



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