I had a man friend who was a [CLICK HERE] Joe Exotic Tiger King shirt to take turns paying. I am a light eater and I never felt this was justified as mine always cost far less than his. I pretty much always order the same thing depending on the restaurant. Each restaurant I go to I has a favorite meal. I started to notice that when he knew it was my turn to pay he would order a salad, appetizer, meal, and dessert plus drinks. When it was his time to pay he would order something like a burger with no extras. Of course, this bothered me. I budget carefully and would get frustrated when a dinner that should be $40 tops would end up being much more. So here is what I did, because in this case, I am the cheapskate. I tried telling him that I am on a budget and that when I go out to eat I order only what I know I can pay for.

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That I’m more comfortable just paying for my own and [CLICK HERE] Joe Exotic Tiger King shirt. I got there early and put my meal order in at the counter. When she arrived, I told her that I had already ordered and that she should order hers separately, because I also ordered another meal to take home for tomorrow night. She was shocked because she had a habit of ordering a huge meal so she would have leftovers and then not quite having enough money to pay for it, so let’s just split the check. She would then give me just about half, no money for a tip and I would end up paying for part of her meal, which was always more than mine, plus the whole tip.



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