Tell them that you enjoy their company and still feel very bad about leaving them out in the hallway Cat wearing Christmas tree shirt. One argument against mandating lighting efficiency standards is that incandescent bulbs and unnecessary lighting help to average out the day/night usage swings. So if day and night power use were closer together we could eliminate natural gas-fired generators and install comparatively greener nuclear plants.

Cat wearing Christmas tree shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Cat wearing Christmas tree V-neck T-shirt

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Cat wearing Christmas tree Sweater


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There is a very rational argument to say that increasing our nighttime power usage would actually be greener than decreasing it but obviously reducing peak daytime usage is much better still Cat wearing Christmas tree shirt. After that letter from the oldest sister calling me a monster and a thing, I knew I was shunned forever from everyone I knew. She did leave an opening for me, however. In her only letter, she said that if I could tell her what I’ve learned through all of this.

Then she would be able to love her brother again. Welcome to discovering circadian rhythm. Your body clock is pretty rigidly set with alarms for sleep and waking. If you’re good at sleep hygiene, sleeping and waking at regular times, the clock gets fairly rigid. The good news is that you can hack the body’s clock. Sleeping in a dark room is a great start. Waking with light does a darn good job too. Brighter is better. By manipulating these parameters, you can shift your sleep easily an hour or so at a time. More hours takes more effort.



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