It was divisive because there wasn’t a Baby Jack Skellington and baby Grinch smoke shirt. People still think that we have magic trade agreements. And large businesses will pay more to be here than in Europe. People still think we’re going to be financially better off even though predictions by economists and experts say otherwise. But surely the success and strength of our country shouldn’t be diminished to this, after all, we are all losers if Brexit doesn’t work and does make us worse off as the experts say, or all winners if we are better off.

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I have the answer why don’t we just have a Baby Jack Skellington and baby Grinch smoke shirt. We have had to tell us we are thick, we didn’t know what we voted. Have we the right to celebrate yes we bloody well have. If you don’t like it tough. Never know when to give in, do they? Let’s just show people how good we are and how we can manage, in Europe, without being a member of the EU. So much vitriol! Grow up and respect each other. Oh God somebody suggested this as Independence Day. How American can you get? I thought we were a country,not an extra state.



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  1. Matevž Špegel (verified owner)

    Delivery and t shirt was 1st class, as they can only print the image you send them i guess the one i sent was not very good, so send a good quality image and you will get a good quality shirt.

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    Nice t shirt, print size was as expected. Very quick service.

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    It was so easy from designing the shirt to receiving it – highly recommend.

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    Excellent printing quality. Fast delivery.

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    Yet again Street shirts never let me down. Highly recommend.

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