I was standing in line in class to turn something into the Baby Groot wash your damn hands shirt. I didn’t react at first, because I thought it was an accident or whatever. A few seconds later, I felt a squeeze and immediately turned around to find a boy smirking at me. I was too scared to say anything so I just turned around. He continued squeezing my ass the whole time I was in line. After school that day, I was at my locker trying to reach up to get some books out when somebody smacked my ass. I turned around do see it was the same boy from earlier. Before I could react, he pulled me in with his arms and kissed me. I tried to break free but he was too strong, and he reached around and squeezed my ass again. Eventually, he left.

Baby Groot wash your damn hands shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt


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The Baby Groot wash your damn hands shirt to have in his workplace. Where he works is literally glass windows on steroids. You can see inside everyone’s station vividly but it was pretty late like around and he needed to submit a few paperwork that had to be submitted in the morning. He asked me to come and keep him company and the kids were asleep, my sister was visiting so I knew if there was any type of emergency while I was gone she would handle it. So I get to his job and his office is a mess so I straighten it up because that’s just me always cleaning something and he’s doing his paperwork.



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