The greatest advantage to the overall plot of The Last Airbender was its traditional Saturday morning format of an episodic narrative 4th of July feel the Bern beer vintage shirt. Episodes would contain their own individual stories that anyone could watch and get a grasp of the characters, world and magic system as well as gain a basic understanding of how it fits within the overall storyline of Avatar Aang returning to the world after a hundred years to restore balance by mastering the four elements and defeating Fire Lord Ozai. Because the story naturally took place during wartime, it could afford to distract itself from the main story arc to focus on character/worldbuilding, adding as much history and personality to each of them as it could. It’s frankly amazing at the amount of story material the show built up, and even more profound at how it pulled off every single plot and character thread in a satisfying way.

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The plot doesn’t get to take deep breaths like its predecessor and ensuring that badly executed ideas aren’t as easily forgettable 4th of July feel the Bern beer vintage shirt. A good story can only be truly cathartic for an audience if it has a definitive conclusion to its self-contained narrative and its place within an overarching plot, should such a media product demand one. The Legend of Korra, on the other hand, instead of opting for a similar episodic narrative, chose the serialized one. You’ve strung along for a series of episodes which set up each of the next ones at a time until the series finale provides something akin to an end, but once the next few series were produced, it never truly concludes until Korra and Asami step into the Republic City spirit portal. Even then, it still leaves things less closed and final as the ending for The Last Airbender was.



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