While New York has flattened the 1D One Direction 10th anniversary 2010-2020 thank you for the memories shirt Also,I will get this curve, it seems the East Coast isn’t immune to the coronavirus culture wars that are gripping the country itself: one where some of the population plays by the pandemic rules, while the other half is, well…sick of the fear of getting sick. One that prizes the collective good, while the other prizes individual freedom. And the gray area that grips so many in-between—those who are desperately seeking normalcy in this new, unfamiliar age. Sure, masks are required in stores (and in the case of Innersleeve Records in Amagansett, masks and gloves). But it’s impossible to enforce proper social distancing behavior on stretches of sandy beaches, let alone behind closed doors. On the last weekend in June, I swung by a small dinner gathering in East Hampton. When a lion is hungry, a deer has to up its life, when one makes money some one else is either not getting it or has to lose it, pleasurable sports is pain to the hunted, etc. The cycle goes on and on without any closure and hence the term “karma” in the Hindu philosophy which stems from Sanatana Dharma – no human ever contributes and is born only to destroy or give pain to one or the other or thyself from birth to death. I am aware of the Garuda Purana which in Vedic scriptures of Sanatana Dharma explains the various effects of one’s actions and punishments thereof – now there are several severe terrorising punishments enough to deter a human from committing those gruesome acts when on this earth. Having said that it is clear these scriptures are clearly more a deterrent than an explanation of reality – reality is impossible as no one ever has seen anything that has happened up there to relay it to us here in this world. Once a human dies, it is all over – no coming back to relate the ethereal experiences up there. What we consider as sins here or virtues to be rewarded probably may mean nothing in the overall scheme of things. Remember every act is supposed to be connected with everything else in the Universe – the string theory in a fragile manner tries to explain this. Anyway, I blasphemed Jesus, He struck me dead and brought me face-to-face with Himself, whereupon He plainly told me that my name would be blotted out of the Book of Life and written in the Book of the Dead unless (pay attention) I repented.

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What this made me realize is that we have ‘free choice’ and we have a ‘gift’ which is that He gave us the 1D One Direction 10th anniversary 2010-2020 thank you for the memories shirt Also,I will get this gift of ‘repentance’ which will be good until it expires, much like a coupon. It’s also brought to you by grace, the Gracious God, or the Grace of God. That gift is the reason we were created, which is to receive that gift, and He made us in His likeness for that purpose, and for one other purpose, to pass it on, as though it were a baton, the kind you pass on in a relay race. Those of us who choose not to run, who choose not to cross the finish line, who choose to rebel against God’s plan – don’t die, nothing is wasted, and we’re thrown into a fiery pit, where we remain, eternal damnation. We go there because we don’t want to go with God’s plan for our eternal well-being, so by default there’s the ‘other’ place – Hell. Everybody in Hell is there because they chose to go there for reasons known only to them, either they didn’t believe it existed, or hated God, or hated God’s plan, or were lukewarm, or sold their soul to satan, (satan = small ‘s’) or any number of reason, perhaps didn’t believe God exists (atheist) or went after some imaginary God. He didn’t create anyone ‘bad’, rather, we choose to seek God and ask Him for the opportunity to experience His salvation, and that involves a task that He gives us according to His will – or we go our own way – and that way leads to Hell. This is the great lie at the heart of mono theistic religions. God created everything, god is all seeing and all knowing, god loves you, god created us in his own image, as his perfect children. But he allows you to sin so that you can realise the errors of your ways, reform and submit to his authority and greatness. This god sounds like a right self centred prick to me. Why would I want to worship a being who has the power to do good and be kind and yet chooses to sit back and watch all the ‘evil’ in this world, the world which he created.But hang on, that is not all. This god has many faces, he pretends to be many gods to different people.



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