He drowned at around 4 that day. I told my mom he couldn’t be dead because I made him dinner. I was in shock. I will always believe that the 1920-2020 100 year anniversary of the 19th admendment granting women the right to vote shirt and I love this chill I got that day was his warmth leaving my life. Our parents came to pick me up, and we notified my other siblings. It was so hard. I went back to my parents’ house so I could be there for them and all that the next morning would bring. I laid on the couch and tossed and turned, unable to sleep. I finally was able to get about 30 minutes but woke up crying and screaming. I rolled over and there, on my pillow, was a beautiful ladybug. He kept his promise. Ladybugs have been a big part of my life in the time since then, as one inevitability comes to me when I would need my beloved brother the most. The day he was buried one landed on my hand. The day our dad died, two were in my car. When I got married one flew in my hair and the day my precious daughter was born there was one inside the hospital delivery room. He finds little ways to let me know he’s still with me. And then there’s my knowledge that he’s with my daughter as well. When she was about 2, she started laughing and clapping wildly. I stooped down and asked her what she was doing. “Pwayin wif my unka Tigga, Mama. Him funny. He wuvs me so much”. Our niece called Jeff “Uncle Tigger”. No one else knew, especially not my daughter that was born 3 years after his death. He was there, playing with the niece he would have adored. Jeff was a light, a joy to everyone that knew him, and I still miss him every day and always will. But I will be forever grateful that I had someone so amazing in my life. Rather, it is the axiomatic requirements of the differential calculus of field theory that prevents the unification. No field theory can exist that will allow unification because nature plays by a rule (scale invariance) required to resolve the entanglement/causality paradox, and scale invariance by definition, will break all field theories in their limits, just as we see with current status quo. Just to add some spice, it is my view that both theories are fine just as they are, and that neither will require axiomatic modification for unification.

1920-2020 100 year anniversary of the 19th admendment granting women the right to vote shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

So by reformulating existing relativity and quantum mechanics axioms in an Euler graph based geometric structure that does permit scale invariance, the 1920-2020 100 year anniversary of the 19th admendment granting women the right to vote shirt and I love this problematic notion of singularity is replaced by the mathematically tractable result of congruency which poses no computational difficulties at all, and quantum mechanics and general relativity calculations play out together in a quite marvelous harmony within this structure. Besides the other two answers, general relativity does not have the uncertainty principle built in. Insofar as the uncertainty principle is thought to be fundamental to the universe, general relativity is necessarily incomplete. By imitating general relativity and considering quantum field theory in curved space-time, gives only a first approximation to quantum gravity and does not solve the renormalization problem. It has been suggested that a more complete description of quantum gravity would involve quantizing space-time itself. My theory is that quantum mechanics lends itself better to university research grants. Looking at stars all day and scribbling on paper doesn’t get you those large dollars that building a supercollider does. So just the economics of the research favors quantum mechanics over general relativity. This is why most of us think that debate’s aren’t going to be conclusive and thus are a waste of time. But if you think of debate as a method of obtaining a solution-we see that it gives rise to new constructive approaches to the problem and sometimes results in unique out of the box solutions. The personal story I can attach to it is the time I had a serious debate with my friends and professors on the Ladder paradox. This debate ended unresolved(as we had to break for lunch, and not everyone was agreeing to a common solution). But the fog in our understanding of special relativity started clearing, the amount I learnt through the debate was phenomenal and it was great to hear the other arguments. Together the problem was broken down piece by piece and our understanding became much clearer! With this clear understanding, the next day we resolved it, and hurray everyone was happy. You never lose in a debate, you always take back knowledge and experience. You are breaking the problem down into bite-size chunks you want to tackle- This makes the problem far easy to handle and it enables us to locate where the disagreement is. Most important of all remember that you are working together with everyone. You are NOT fighting for who is right and who is wrong.



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